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About Me

I love stories. From the earliest days of my childhood I have been watching screens both big and small tell all kinds of stories. Countless hours have been lost to universes not my own, with heroes, injustices, causes, battles, memories, loves and losses that I was only witness to.

The best thing about visual storytelling is it is immersive. Our minds are drawn to patterns, movement and excitement, and our imaginations fill in the blanks. Some have called it propaganda, some call it subliminal programming, neither are fully true. But when that swell of music amplifies the images before your eyes... a signal is sent through the vagus nerve— you feel a tightening in your throat, your eyes well up and your heart beats just a little bit faster, your breathing is deeper and quicker, and all because of a long-distance telephone service commercial, or someone sharing their poignant, human struggle in a PBS documentary, or you're laughing to tears because of a hilarious viral video.

But it's in that feeling moment when the impression is made.

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This is a playlist of what I consider to be my best work:

My Values

Accuracy - When dealing with subjective matters, objective facts are only part of the formula. And vice-versa. People, organizations, products and causes are frequently nuanced, complicated and detailed. This information must be retained by viewers who are, to some degree, uninformed about the subject but who will gain from accuracy in communication.

Consent - Ethical boundaries are clear. A video documentary can only go as deep as the subject or interviewee will allow. But it's important to know when pushing boundaries is necessary to reach truth—while also respecting people's legal right to withdraw consent. It requires patience and sensitivity.

Empathy - Our corporate-heavy culture in commercial American society frequently exhibits a cynical numbing and mistrust of humans. Creating an environment where people can freely be themselves makes it possible for compassion to work its benefits in social groupings. We connect through common experiences; the more we practice that the better.

Authenticity - We express ourselves more genuinely in a moment of openness and confidence that frees us from self-reproach or analysis. Like the phrase, "your first answer is usually the best one," our first response to a question, dilemma, or startling data point is usually our most authentic self coming forth. Stand and deliver.

My Goals

Masters in Public Health - University of Colorado, Denver currently has the most attractive MPH program in the country. With millions of new jobs emerging in the health sector, I plan on bringing my experience in qualitative research through documentary to the social and behavioral aspects of public health.

Measurable Impact - After a graduate degree and a few more years of applying my skills to develop community outreach messages, I intend to be trained and resourced sufficiently enough that I can make a difference in our community at large—whether influencing policy or informing law enforcement or encouraging healthy lives.  

Publish - The many years of hearing, recording and observing human narratives have served as one of my greatest teachers. I've been touched by a great number of people and in return, I look forward to writing books related to public health, mass communication and the behavioral aspects of media in our personal lives and society at large.

Educate - I foresee opportunities to address social justice issues, to inform groups and individuals of a range of subjects by way of public speaking, teaching courses and workshops, acting as a consultant to various organizations both public and private, and educating a populace with broad media campaigns that amply and accurately educate. 


Queer Oral History Project - Summer of 2009, I co-founded with Jeremy Yamashiro to collect personal and community histories of LGBTQ* people in Salt Lake City, San Francisco and now in Denver.

Film Adaptations - I am currently outlining film adaptations from two of my favorite authors, Patricia Highsmith and Anne Carson. Both of these have strong potential for queer, independent film festivals around the country.


These are examples of stills taken on my iPhone 6s Plus, quick studies for the sake of practicing framing and generally keeping my eye sharp. I mostly focus on portraits, landscapes, abstracts and textures. 

Awards and Grants

Best of Utah 2008 - Awarded by Salt Lake CityWeekly as Staff Pick for Best Mini Documentary series, SLCRandom

Utah Humanities Council Grant- $2,000 matching grant with Utah Pride Center, totaling $4,000 for the Queer Oral History Project in 2009