One Cut Pro

Videography made simple.




My mission is simple: to inform, inspire and motivate using the very best that digital video production has to offer us.  Currently I shoot video and stills using an iPhone 6s Plus, which has proven to be a reliable and adaptable tool for digital media production in todays market. Previous productions were shot with a range of HD cameras, from a Sony Handicam to a Canon XF300. I edit with either Final Cut 7 or Adobe Premiere Pro 6 and am teaching myself DaVinci Resolve.

Juxtapose one image with another, mix in a hint of music, give it a splash of visual effects and light narration and you will have a powerful tool at your disposal. Documentary is my specialty, emphasizing human rights, social justice and exceeding expectations with ethical, concerted and thorough resourcefulness in storytelling.

What are your video needs? Take a look at examples of my work below...


Non-Profit Outreach

You work hard at accomplishing your goals for a group of people or vital and worthy cause but it seems like the good fight is never fully won. But every generation onward stands to benefit from your work. Let's show them!

Video is a well-established and effective tool for reaching your volunteers, motivating donors to give to your cause and informing the public of your capacity and stewardship. 

I can help.

Community Efforts

"The revolution will not be funded!" — Andrea Smith

Sometimes, you gotta take it to the grassroots and spread the word fast. Viral video is THE way to go. With most everyone using social media, the fastest way to inform your base is through a tight and effective message, especially when it's gotta be clear, concise and strong. Video makes a difference.


I can help.


Commercial/Industrial Event

Did you see?

That fabulous runway show... catchy safety video... daring commercial spot... hilarious company event... amazing wedding... long-awaited family reunion... your well-planned video tutorial... seductive product pitch... sensitive biography...  exercise instruction video... all of these are important to you and they deserve the best attention to detail in lighting, framing, art direction, narrative and impact.

I can help.