One Cut Pro

Videography made simple.


Have camera, will travel...

Self-employment is never going to be easy. I don't think I can expect it to be, since I had watched my mother struggle for decades as a self-employed family portrait photographer starting in 1989 and still struggling today. Growing up, me and my siblings would go with her in the family van from state to state within the intermountain west, carrying equipment, helping strike a shoot... 

Fast-forward to today, March 7th, 2016... I am setting out on a new venture as a freelance videographer. Last month I had separated from the studio where I was working for the last two-and-a-half years as a location manager, key grip and in at least four other roles as well. Over these last couple years I have, however, developed some important skills that I am excited to apply in my OWN company, but for the benefit of my clients.

OneCutPro is an ideal, it's the highest state of effectiveness and economy in motion.* To illustrate, look at the thumbnail image below. In Japanese swordsmanship, one is trained to sense and act upon the precise, opportune moment to make a move. One chance to get it right. 

*I'm also a huge samurai film geek...

This also came from my mother. She was a perfectionist. In fact, she regularly told me that "if you can't do something right the first time, don't do it at all." In many ways, I think she was errant in her thinking. And yet frequently, we only have one moment to get something accomplished in excellence—no excuses, no do-overs. But we learn from our mistakes and improve.

Building this website was the easy part. (Thanks Squarespace!) The remaining work to be done is the real challenge. There are many things I know very little about and business is one of them. But now is the time to reach in and find those skills, practice them, hone them until I'm making every move with speed, nuance and confidence.