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A journey of a thousand miles...

Today I have spent most of my waking consciousness pursuing gigs but I've definitely taken to the ease of developing my own website with Squarespace as well. I am up past 2:00AM now still going at this. It's almost as much fun as video games. Almost.

I have new business cards coming advertising this very website with a simple contact point of my name in an email address and the company URL. Super sleek. This branding thing is coming SO quickly now. Thankfully someone thought of making web development a much easier thing to do for most of us who would rather focus our cognitive energy on our actual practice, trade or craft.

Next steps for me are to put together a business plan including membership to the Freelancer's Union, maybe a Patreon account and some serious investment in new tools when the resources come. That should be easier to do now that I have a start to a great website tool.

Much to be done! Many more miles to go before I sleep. But not tonight. Tonight, I shower then pass out. I've got a lot of ground to cover.